Parashara's Light Professional version 7.0.1

Parashara's Light Professional version 7.0.1


New in Parashara's Light

Personalized Tutorial!
Over 120 pages of personalized tutorial material can take you from an absolute beginner level
through all basic and intermediate levels of Vedic Astrology. Base examples on any chart of
your choice. That makes learning interesting and motivating!

Change Location Tool!
The Change Location tool allows one to change the birth location interactively: all charts and
tables on the worksheet will instantly be recalculated according to the location on the map you
click on.

Worksheet Enhancements!
Now you can place a second person's birth chart, dashas, or any of the divisional or specialty
charts, right along side your own chart on the worksheet. It is highly useful for a potential
partnership evaluation and predictive consideration of various matters that involve two

Planet Summary Reports!
The planet summary report is based on a highly authentic model of interpreting the effect of
the planets in the chart. This page presents all major calculations relevant to the planet, in a
way that the interpretation is consistent and clear.

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Key Features of Parashara's Light

# Extremely elegant and easy to use graphical interface.
# Interactive Personalized Tutorial!
# Supports every astrological calculation and technique in use.
# Fully customizable screens, charts, interpretations, and printounts.
# Available in many languages including English, Dutch, Spanish,
and German. (Hindi is only available through our Indian distributor).
# Easily keep track of who, when, and what you printed reports for.
# Free Technical Support!
# Built-in World Atlas automatically enters longitude, latitude,
time zone, and daylight savings
# Automatic retrieval of yogas and quotes for any chart, yielding a
unique and extensive summary report.

List of New Features in Parashara's Light 7.0

1. Life Time Interpretations

2. Transit Interpretations

3. Upcoming Transit Information

4. Panchang

5. Worksheet Enhancements

- Graha Explorer

- Transit Calender

- Bhava Explorer

- Rashi (Sign) Explorer

- Compatibility

- Chart Drawing

- Nakshatra Explorer

- Displaying Picture/Logo in the Chart

6. Dasha Enhancement

7. Change Place Tool Enhancement

- Navigation

- Calculation

8. Facility to Print Preview

9. Miscellaneous

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